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SWS #04: You've probably already tried and failed

You need to document and delegate!

Sounds smart, right? It's a well known concept made popular by many great books (E-Myth, I’m looking at you!).

Yet… most teams hardly ever document their processes.

And this means:

  • Some tasks rely on one key person to do them
  • Performance across the team is widely inconsistent
  • Senior team members spend a big chunk of their time having to support others
  • Expensive mistakes and rework is common
  • Evenings and holidays get disrupted
  • Avoidable frustration and conflict is common

Given the amount of pain being caused, why aren’t more people simply fixing it by “documenting and delegating”?

The fact is the most teams have tried at least once. And seasoned managers will have seen their teams attempt it multiple times. With the same results. A lot of effort put in, and none of the problems getting solved.

Rather than fixing pain points, it’s created new ones 🤦

So it’s no wonder than many leaders understand that documenting and delegating should be a good idea, but are very skeptical as to whether it will actually work.

That’s OK.

But this is something you need to overcome if you want to scale your business without huge amounts of stress.

This is a problem that can be solved, and the best businesses have found a way to do it.

Using our 4 stage approach, I hope we can help you do the same!