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SWS #01: This is bigger than business

As business leaders, we’re trained to always think about the business case.
But creating a business manual is about so much more than good business.
Take Georgia Kirke for example:
✅ It‘s great she spends 200 hours less with each new employee
🤩 It’s awesome that this meant she could take time off when her family really needed her
And at Sony:
✅ It‘s great that a team got clear on project milestones and handovers
🤩 It’s awesome that this removed conflict, so team members were happier both inside and outside of work
For myself:
✅ It‘s great that it unblocked growth after being stuck for 3 years
🤩 It’s awesome that I can take 4 week holidays with my kids, without a single interruption
It’s not that there isn’t a business case.
In every case, the investment has paid for itself 100x or more.
But take a moment to think about the personal impact it can have for you and your team.
How would it feel to take a long, uninterrupted holiday?
How would it feel to avoid the conflict that comes with mistakes, bottlenecks and rework?
How would it feel to be there for a loved one when they needed you most?
This is the freedom that having a clear business manual can give to you and your team.
Don’t undervalue it 🙂

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